About Us

We want you enjoy coffee in the comfort of your home! See which device will suit your needs the best.

Our Story

We are coffelovers! That was the first point why we started this business. We want our clients enjoy coffee in the comfort of theirs own home! The easiest way – to use an espresso machine. They come in many varieties and you can choose from automatic, capsule or lever machines. Popular coffee-making equipment also include moka pots, French presses and percolators. See which device will suit your needs the best!

Our Product Range

From a wide variety of coffee makers and percolators, you can choose something that fits your habits perfectly. There are fully automated coffee machines or devces that are much more hands on.

Accessories. To make coffee, you can use a variety of accessories and we don’t only mean cups and coffee spoons, but there are exotic coffee makers and demineralizers to keep your device running smoothly. Maintaining a coffee maker will not only influence the preparation of coffee but also its taste.

Coffee Grinders. Both electric and manual coffee grinders allow you to adjust the grinding coarse and the amount of ground coffee.

Milk Frothers. If you do not have a percolator with a built-in steam jet at home, you can still make delicious lattes and cappuccinos with a simple milk frother. Choose from two options – electric or manual.


We offer convenient online payment options and comprehensive customer services. Every customer is important and unique to us!

We ensure the security of all transaction data by using advanced security solution provider so your information is in excellent hands. Online shopping had never been safer and easier. Stay safe online with us.

We use leading courier companies to ship all our packages. Order today -save time and money!